Apple Ring | Cupertino company patents smart ring


It was revealed that Apple would have filed a patent for a smart ring to control other devices using hand gestures

Before launching a new product, companies have to patent if they use new technologies in their new equipment. It was recently published that Manzana would have registered a smart ring.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office revealed that the Cupertino company had submitted an application for a Apple Ring that allows to control the operation of other equipment.

Ring Apple

According to the reports the smart ring “It would be able to detect and interact with the device that a user would have grasped. It would allow Apple virtual reality glasses to be controlled by hand gestures and would be compatible with devices based on augmented and mixed reality ”.

In the patent you can read that the smart ring It is based on a technique called automix interferometry, which emits laser beams that bounce off the object to be detected, such as a touch pen.

The smart ring It can be used alone or in pairs and could potentially be used to control Apple’s virtual reality glasses. Through hand gestures.


It should be remembered that the fact that the Cupertino company has filed this patent does not mean that in the end the Apple Ring.

However, should it develop, it would already be a great advance for Tim Cook’s company. Since people would have in their hand a device that will allow them to handle several of their electronic devices with a single movement.

This is not the first time that a patent has been discovered on a smart ring of Manzana. But with this, the problem of control for virtual and augmented reality devices could be solved.

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