Apple removes app promoting secret parties during pandemic

Vybe together

Vybe Together was eliminated from both the Apple store and TikTok for organizing parties in full contingency due to Covid-19

One of the recommendations given by health authorities to avoid contagion of Covid-19, is to avoid any type of meeting.

However, Manzana announced that it removed from its store an application that promoted secret parties in full pandemic. Is about Vybe together which invited rebellious people to organize and attend clandestine events.


In this way people could persuade the restrictions decreed in most countries. “Become a rebel, let the party begin” is the slogan with which the app was published.

How did the secret parties app work?

The application was promoted on TikTok, Instagram and its website as a platform that allowed people to invite or request access to these types of events.

Users who were interested in attending the secret parties They had to be approved by the organization and received the address two hours before the event will begin.

According to the application, the organizer had to approve the list of attendees manually. So all the secret parties were held in private homes.

Albin, one of the co-founders of Vybe together, conducted an interview with The Verge, the app had several thousand users and a similar number of registration requests.


After various criticisms, the application defended himself by pointing out that secret parties they were small and avoided mass gatherings. They also recognized the threat that existed from Covid-19.

App Store has not been the only one to eliminate Vybe together, TikTok also decided to delete his account and his website also disappeared (except for his main page which is still available). She is still active on Instagram but only has two posts.

Experts have assured that the application continues to change its name in order to continue with its clandestine parties bypassing the restrictions. In fact, it was revealed that he changed his name before and went from Trendies to Vybe Together.

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