Apple prepares first virtual reality headset

Apple virtual reality

They report that Apple will enter the field of virtual reality with its first device and report that they will not be cheap at all

After several months of rumors about the arrival of a team of Manzana with virtual reality. It was revealed that the company could enter this sector in the next year.

Bloomberg reported that the Cupertino company is already working on its first helmet of virtual reality. The company would enter this market after the acquisition of virtual reality company NextVR.

virtual reality

According to the medium, the device is designed to play, communicate and interact with the lathe in different ways.

Manzana would include some of their most advanced chips and a high-resolution display, superior to those used by current equipment from virtual reality.

It was also detailed that for users who use glasses, a system was developed that allows inserting this type of prescription lenses on the virtual reality screen of the helmet.

The device is designed to work independently, with a battery, so there is no need to connect it to a computer or the wall.

Apple helmet

Bloomberg pointed out that the device was baptized with the name N301, at the moment it is a prototype, but its development is already advanced, although changes could be generated.

Mark Gurman detailed in his article that Manzana would launch his virtual reality helmet more expensive than rivals. The helmets include external cameras to enable some augmented reality features as well.

The Cupertino company is also testing the ability to use these cameras to track hand movements and include software features like a virtual keyboard.

In the middle it was highlighted that Manzana could develop your augmented reality glasses, whose internal name is N421. The lenses would be equipped with small, powerful and efficient electronic devices to overlay notifications, map directions, and other information.

It is expected that this year the company will give more details about these new projects.

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