Apple prepares an Apple TV with HomePod and FaceTime integrated


To compete against Google’s Nest Hub and Amazon’s Echo Show, an Apple TV with HomePod and FaceTime will be launched

Manzana has positioned itself in the technology industry with various devices that seek to improve people’s lives. Since it was launched Apple TV Plus, the company has not made any major changes to its device.

However it was revealed that the Cupertino company is developing the technology so that your device can be integrated with the HomePod Y Facetime.

Apple tv

Mark Gurman revealed in Bloomberg that it would be a multimedia center with an integrated smart speaker and a camera to be able to make video calls when connected to a television.

In essence it would be a Apple tv, where you could download applications and games, and watch streaming content. The user experience would be enriched thanks to the integrated hardware that would allow several actions to be carried out with a single device.

According to the first reports, the update of the Apple tv would arrive sometime in 2021. Although integration with HomePod Y Facetime It could take time as it is in the development phase with built-in speakers that will allow you to listen to music and make use of Siri.

Gurman also mentions the development of a new high-end speaker with an integrated touchscreen. It is still unknown if it could be launched on the market.

Home Pod iPad

“According to sources, this new device would be the combination of a HomePod with an iPad. It is also reported that a robotic arm capable of moving could be integrated to follow the user around the room “

With this device it could compete against Google’s Nest Hub and Amazon’s Echo Show. In this way Manzana it would compete strongly with your smart home kits.

This would be great news because a few weeks ago Manzana revealed that he was discontinuing his HomePod, staying with the HomePod mini.

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