Apple Powerbeats Pro wireless headphones with 25% savings

But if in addition to that we want them to offer us excellent sound quality, then a great option is undoubtedly the Apple Powerbeats Pro. Maximum technology, great sound quality and a quality of materials that will undoubtedly not disappoint us, as is the case with the products in the Cupertino catalog.

Maximum quality and comfort for all types of use

The truth is that these Powerbeats Pro are specially designed headphones for the most athletic for its great wireless connectivity, fit in our ears and because they are one of the best sports headphones resistant to water and sweat. However, this does not mean that they are our ideal companions on a day-to-day basis.

As we indicated, the adjustment offered by these Powerbeats Pro is incredible and offers total freedom of movement while we wear them. They have flexible hooks and pads of different sizes to adapt to all types of people. Its great autonomy is also another of the details to highlight of this Apple model, since they offer up to 9 hours of playback audio on a single charge. But if we also make use of the charging case, then we increase up to 24 hours of playback uninterrupted.

This model offers a powerful and balanced sound thanks to acoustics that perfectly reproduce all types of sound with the highest clarity and exceptional dynamic range. Each of the headphones allows us control the volume, change tracks, etc, all without having to use the iPhone at all.

And if that wasn’t enough, its compatibility with Siri allows us to ask the Apple assistant for anything we want with a simple voice command.

25% discount on Apple Powerbeat Pro

Like most of the company’s products, the price of these Apple Powerbeats Pro may not be within the reach of some pockets, but if your dream is to have these headphones, now you have the opportunity to get them with an interesting saving.

Specifically, the offer comes from Amazon, where the online shopping giant has applied a 25% discount on the official price of the Powerbeats Pro. In this way, instead of paying 249.95 euros for the headphones, we can get them right now for 187.50 euros.

This price is for the model in sky pink color, although we can get a 20% discount on other available colors. Those who are subscribed to the Amazon Prime service can receive them for free at home. The delivery time is only 3 business days.

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