Apple or Google | Android shares 20 times more data than iOS


Security expert revealed that Google’s operating system shares more data than an Apple computer

In recent years there has been talk about the importance of maintaining privacy in smartphones. However it was revealed that companies can share certain data.

The expert in security of the information of Trinity College, Douglas Leith, conducted a study to compare how much data the different operating systems: ios and Android.

“The specialist measured how much data the smartphones transmit to the servers created and owned by the developers of each operating system”

Google Apple data

After his analysis, Douglas Leith discovered that Google collects up to 20 times more information from users than it does Manzana.

“A powered-on Android smartphone immediately collects and sends out a full megabyte of data in the time it takes an iPhone to collect approximately 42 kilobytes. In idle mode, the results are roughly the same: one MB for Android and 52 KB for iOS in 12 hours “

The expert noted that even a mobile new that is barely configured, no matter if it is ios or Android, share data every 4.5 minutes. If the equipment is in use Manzana they connect to the server every 264 seconds. While the teams of Google they do it every 255 seconds.


For his analysis Douglas Leith used a iPhone 8 and a Pixel 2, so the data may change with other models.

It should be remembered that Google collects data from its users for individual interests, open pages, geolocation, purchases and other actions that can be useful to personalize ads and searches.

While Manzana does it for the development of their operating systems and the assistant Siri. As well as from other tasks within the ecosystem of your devices and services.

Following this analysis, a spokesperson for Google He explained that it is essential that companies send and receive data to keep their software updated and verify that everything works as expected.

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