Apple may be planning to launch new iPads with larger screens


According to Mark Gurman, Apple would plan to launch new iPads with larger screens, currently the largest is 12.9 inches

Constantly Manzana seeks to improve its services and products to surprise its users and be able to make a difference with its competition.

It was recently revealed that the Cupertino company would be planning to launch new iPads with bigger screens. Currently the iPad Pro The larger one has a 12.9-inch screen, similar to that of the MacBook Air.


Journalist Mark Gurman revealed that Manzana he wants to present broader models, however he stressed that he is just beginning to develop the model.

In this sense, it was highlighted that new iPads with bigger screens they could take years to reach the market and could even be discarded during development.

Mark Gurman pointed out that two new models could be presented with bigger screens one of 14 inches and another of 16. Although many would consider that for that size they would buy a laptop, it should be remembered that these lack the touch screen.

“He does not rely on any source to say that, they are his personal bets, but they would be interesting sizes for professional users looking for the highest quality and best performance for their work”

iPad larger screens

Apple has up to five screen sizes in its iPad line:

  1. iPad mini, with 7.9 inches
  2. 8th generation iPad features 10.2 inches
  3. iPad Air 10.9 inch
  4. iPad Pro mount 11 and 12.9-inch screens

Mark Gurman revealed that for now Manzana concentrates on his iPad 2022, which are expected to arrive with a new glass back, being the first time that this material is used for the back.

This will allow the iPad can be charged wirelessly and MagSafe can be used. The back of the futures iPad Pro It will also be able to charge other devices, such as an iPhone or the AirPods.

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