Apple MacBook Pro now on sale at an unbeatable discount

When we talk about high-power and high-performance laptops, there is no doubt that Apple MacBooks are a benchmark. Specifically, the Macbook pro It is one of the teams that allows us to work wherever we go with full guarantee. And it is a laptop that, in addition to wasting quality on all four sides, offers high performance that allows us to use it for all kinds of tasks. If you’ve been thinking about buying one for a while, now is a great time to get this incredible laptop at an irresistible price.

Although it is not common to find great discounts on Apple products, it is now possible to find an interesting discount on the 2020 MacBook Pro. A model driven by Apple M1 chip, 13-inch screen, 8 GB of RAM and a 512 GB capacity SSD. A configuration whose official price is 1,679 euros and that is now possible to get at a reduced price.

Big discount for 2020 MacBook Pro

Specifically, the online shopping giant has applied a 13% discount on this model, which represents a reduction in its price of nothing more and nothing less than 226 euros. This allows you to buy the 2020 MacBook Pro at a final price of 1,453 euros. A price that makes it one of the most powerful laptops at that price.

Apple MacBook Pro front

If we are also users subscribed to the Amazon Prime service, we can take advantage of the advantage of receiving the laptop at home for free. The delivery time is just a couple of days, so if we order today, we can start enjoying the Apple MacBook Pro in less than 48 hours.

Incredible performance

The MacBook Pro is equipped with a 13.3-inch Retina display with a brightness that reaches 500 nits to offer very realistic colors and an incredible level of detail in images. A team that, as we indicated previously, is powered by a powerful processor capable of executing all kinds of tasks with the best possible performance.

Apple MacBook Pro Side

Their 8 GB RAM memory they make everything run as fast as possible and that we can have multiple applications running at the same time on our computer. It should be noted that the Apple MacBook Pro has a active cooling system that prevents the equipment from overheating and this may affect its performance or even the health of the equipment. Therefore, it is not necessary to use any of the cooling bases for laptops that we find today at a very good price on sites such as Amazon itself, among others.

Another important detail is its great autonomy, since this MacBook Pro is capable of offering up to 20 hours of use on a single charge. This means that we can cover up to more than two full days of work without having to worry about charging the laptop.

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