Apple MacBook Pro laptop in El Corte Inglés with a great offer

This is a team that in principle offers superior performance to many of the Cupertino company models that integrate an Intel component (according to the firm itself, it is up to 2.8 times more powerful). And all this without losing an iota of functionality or good design, an example of the latter is that the manufacture of the casing of this equipment is carried out in aluminum which gives it a quite striking appearance and, in addition, the weight is only 1.4 kilos. Therefore, carrying this computer around is as comfortable as a distinctive item.

Front of Apple MacBook Pro

The screen that this Apple MacBook Pro has on offer is 13.3 inch, so we are talking about a laptop that fits perfectly when it comes to studying or working outside the home. If you wonder about the quality of this component, it must be said that it is very high, since the resolution is Retina (2,560 x 1,500 pixels) and, in addition, it has technologies such as True Tone that optimizes the colors that are seen on the panel so that they are always as realistic as possible. Come on, what are you going to enjoy perfectly both when editing images and when enjoying movies and series.

Good options on this Apple MacBook Pro

One of which we believe is differential with respect to the competition that the market has and which is also due to the use of Apple M1 processorIt has to do with autonomy. It arrives without much trouble at 20 hours of use, an excellent brand that assures you that you will not have to constantly plug the computer into the current – no matter how long you are away from home-. In addition, you will not have problems regarding the power that this equipment has, since it has 8 GB RAM, which ensures that applications and the macOS operating system run with excellent fluidity.

Get this laptop at the best price

Everything we have indicated is very good, but surely you decide to make the purchase taking into account that right now in the El Corte Inglés online store you can get this product with a 7% discount, which represents a specific saving of 100 euros (which can be used perfectly to get an accessory compatible with Apple MacBook Pro). In addition, there is the possibility of receiving the equipment before June 15 without having to pay anything for shipping costs, which is an excellent addition and that can make you decide definitely on your purchase. This is the link you have to use:

Before finalizing there are some details that we do not want to stop indicating because they are important. One of them is that the internal storage from computers type SSD, which ensures a high speed of work, and the capacity of the disk of 256 GB. In addition, the connectivity offered is excellent since among other things you can access the Internet using Dual Band WiFi and, in addition, it does not lack a pair of Thunderbolt ports and four USB in which you can connect a large number of accessories.

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