Apple MacBook Air with more than 100 euros discount and free shipping

The model we are talking about is the last ever more laptop product offered by the firm led by Tim Cook. This, among other things, integrates the M1 processor that has details as interesting as the use that is designed by the company itself and that is why it makes the most of both the hardware it includes and the macOS operating system it uses. And, all this, without the design being affected, since we are talking about a team finished in aluminum with an imposing appearance (for attractiveness) and that also has a weight that remains in 1.29 kilos.

Side of Apple MacBook Air laptop

The screen that you will find in this Apple MacBook Air is 13.3 inch and uses ED backlighting. Its IPS-type panel, with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,600, which ensures a 227 pixel density. Therefore, its definition is excellent and, therefore, this computer allows you to perfectly view all kinds of multimedia content, such as that coming from YouTube or streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime Video. It is important to mention that this is a model that has very interesting options in what has to do with security, such as the use of so you can use the fingerprint as a way to access the content of the equipment.

Nothing is missing from this Apple MacBook Air

An example of what we say is the memory section that you will find on this computer, where there are 8 GB regarding the RAM and that they ensure a good job in all kinds of situations. In addition, the internal storage is solved with a disk type 256 gig SSD which has a very high working speed which means that, for example, the startup of the operating system is completed in a matter of seconds. In addition, it should be noted that to adapt to the times, the integrated FaceTime camera allows video calls with a high resolution, which is always beneficial to obtain the highest possible quality.

Apple MacBook USB Type-C ports

Good discount that you should not miss

We have found the offer on Amazon, which is all life insurance when making the purchase from home, and with it you can save 104 euros Regarding what it usually costs in said online store. If you have a Prime account, you should know that you do not have to pay absolutely anything for shipping costs, which is an addition that will surely attract your attention. We leave the link that you have to use to take advantage of this promotion and buy a space gray Apple MacBook Air with an excellent discount.

Before concluding, you should know that this is a model that has excellent connectivity (where there is no lack of Bluetooth and WiFi), since among other things it has two USB Type-C ports by means of which the battery that is capable of supplying sufficient energy to exceed the 10 hours of use if the screen is not abused – and especially its brightness. This also ensures excellent compatibility with broad-choice hubs.

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