Apple MacBook Air laptop with a great deal: save 170 euros

One of the peculiarities of the model we are talking about is that it includes the M1 processor, which is a high-performance eight-core component and which according to the Cupertino company itself is capable of increasing the working speed up to 3 and a half times higher than the previous generation that it put on the market. This, among other things, will allow you to run the operating system macOS Big Sur always be very fluid and that you can use all kinds of software without any restrictions.

Side of Apple MacBook Air laptop

Other excellent details that you will find in the main hardware section have to do with everything related to memory. To start this kit includes 8 GB RAM, which is all life insurance when it comes to managing everything you do and always obtaining the best user experience. When it comes to storage, you will not have any problem either, since inside this Apple MacBook Air you will find a disk type SSD which has very high read and write data transfer rates and has a space of 256 gigs. Therefore, you will not have to resort to external options on a regular basis where to save the information.

A spectacular design on the Apple MacBook Air

This is always the house brand in Apple products, and it could not be less on the laptop that we are talking about. Finished in aluminum and, in the case of the equipment that is in promotion, it must be said that its color Golden it is quite attractive. It should also be noted that they are important, such as that their weight is only 1.29 kilos and that the thickness of the computer is a maximum of 1.61 centimeters. That is, taking it from one place to another is simple and all this without losing advanced functions such as that it integrates Touch ID to increase security.

Apple MacBook Air keyboard

Everything we have discussed before is crowned with a screen of 13.3 inch which is of excellent quality, since, among other things, it has a resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 pixels and the maximum brightness that it is capable of emitting reaches the 400 nits. By the way, this IPS-type component includes very positive technologies such as True Tone.

A great deal for this laptop

Everything mentioned is very good, but there is something that will surely make you decide to buy this Apple MacBook Air: its offer. This allows you to save up to 15% of the price you usually have, which means that you pay 170 euros less. A great opportunity for a complete laptop that does everything. We leave you below the link that you have to use to make the purchase from home and where you do not have to pay anything for shipping costs … Another great detail!

Before concluding, we want to comment on a couple of details that we think are important. The first is that this simple and simply excellent equipment has autonomy, since it is capable of exceed 11 of use without the slightest problem (charging your battery is done by using a USB Type-C port). The other detail that you should keep in mind is that the sound of this laptop is excellent, since it is stereo and compatible with Dolby Atmos technology.

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