Apple is not interested in the metaverse

Apple metaversov

Despite the interest of companies in the creation of the metaverse. Apple pointed out that it is not interested in the virtual world and they will demonstrate it with their VR / AR glasses

In recent months, companies have joined the idea of ​​creating a virtual universe known as metaverse and that is expected to be the internet revolution.

But nevertheless, Mark Gurman revealed that Manzana would not be interested in participating in this world and an example of this would be their VR / AR glasses.

virtual world

According to Gurman’s report, Manzana plans that their devices are not for the whole day, this objective would be far from what is planned with the metaverse. Since it is sought that people change the real world for a virtual world.

“There is a word that I would be surprised to hear when Apple announces its glasses: metaverse”

Mark Gurman noted that VR / AR glasses they would be designed for “short sessions of games, communication and content consumption.” That is, users will be able to return to the real world once they have finished playing games or watching a movie.

According to the analyst the Cupertino company you are not interested in the model you have planned Goal. Although at the moment the details of your VR / AR glasses are a secret.

“I have been told directly that the idea of ​​a completely virtual world that users can escape, as in the vision of the future of Meta Platforms / Facebook, is outside the limits of Apple”

At the moment it is unknown if Apple will prohibit access to the metaverse from its VR / AR glasses or it will just show up against said environment.


So far Meta is the most interested in creating a new world where the real and the digital converge. This would be possible thanks to the use of virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality.

According to some specialists Manzana could present its VR / AR glasses later this year, although nothing is confirmed.

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