Apple iPad tablet on sale with a discount that exceeds 230 euros

The model we are talking about has a display of 9.7 inch, more than enough dimensions to be a complete solution when executing all kinds of applications (both personal and professional). With a Retina resolution, you can easily enjoy an excellent image sleep when it comes to playing games and even multimedia content such as videos from cloud platforms. An example of the latter are those on YouTube or Netflix. In short, it will meet in a way Excellent in this section.

Apple iPad tablet front

Finished in aluminum and with the back in gold, something that makes it stand out from other tablets on the market, this Apple iPad has a price that is below 500 grams. This, among other things, ensures that taking it from one place to another will not be a problem (and if it is protected with a cover for the tablet better than better). This handling is excellent and, also, because it fits perfectly in any of the pockets you have in your backpack. By the way, it does not lack front and rear camera to this device which among other things ensures that you will be able to make videoconferences with a quite remarkable quality.

An autonomy that is very important

Thanks to the combination of hardware and software that is inside this device, with a full charge of its battery it is possible to obtain up to 10 hours of typical use without the slightest problem. This allows this device to be a more than adequate solution both to study with it and even to work (something that is completely possible if it is combined with a Bluetooth keyboard). By the way, the data connection port and the fact that it allows recharging is Lightning type, so there are a large number of compatible accessories due to its use.

Back of Apple iPad tablet

Big discount for this Apple iPad

Without a doubt, this is one of the great attractions of the tablet we are talking about. Right now it is possible save you 236.52 euros when buying it from home, a figure that you will seldom see again on a tablet from the Cupertino company. We are talking about a 43% discount, and also without having to add anything for shipping, since right now it is free in the link that we are going to leave after this paragraph. By the way, inside this device you can find connectivity WiFi, Bluetooth and even of data… So you can always be connected to the Internet if you want.

With quite powerful hardware in this Apple iPad, since its processor is an A9 that works at a frequency of 1.84 GHz, and without compatibility problems with the operating system used by the company led by Tim Cook, an important detail that one should know about the model in question is that it has an internal dinner of 32 GB. With all that said and taking into account the important discount that you can take advantage of to get this model that includes Touch ID, we believe that it is a purchase that you should value.

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