Apple glasses would arrive with an M1 Pro chip and with a lower price


Mark Gurman revealed that Apple’s virtual and augmented reality glasses could arrive with an M1 Pro chip and a lower price than expected

For several months several rumors have emerged around the virtual and augmented reality glasses from Apple. It is expected that soon they can be presented in the market.

Unlike other companies, the cupertino company I would be thinking of a device that is used for short periods of time.

Apple lenses

Mark Gurmann revealed that the virtual and augmented reality glasses from Apple could come with a chip m1pro, SoC that the technology giant includes in the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro.

In addition to that it would be superior to the M1 that is included in the MacBook Air. Which would make clear the company’s intention that its glasses will be used in games, multimedia consumption and communication.

“The main reason to go with an M1 Pro chip over an M1 is not CPU speeds. It is the need for more advanced graphics. As you may know, the M1 has an octa-core GPU, while the M1 Pro has 14 to 16 graphics cores.”

This information coincides with that presented by Ming Chi Kuo who highlighted that the glasses would have two chips, one of them with a power similar to the Mac with M1.

Mark Gurmann He pointed out that Apple’s virtual and augmented reality glasses include a fan to prevent overheating and two screens with 4k resolution.

What would be the price of the new Apple glasses?

In a report for Bloomberg, Mark Gurmann hinted that the glasses Manzana They would be priced at $2,000. It is a lower price than previous predictions, however it still feels high for the market.

“Apple typically charges slightly more than its competitors for products, locking in margins that have helped make it one of the most profitable consumer electronics companies in history. The new helmets will be no exception, but the main reason the company has discussed prices above $2,000 is because of some of its internal technology.”

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The price of Apple glasses could be justified due to the features and technologies that the company is implementing. Gurman says that Apple started its development in 2015, so all the time spent will also influence the price.

Mark Gurman also revealed some of the names the glasses could go by, including Apple Vision, Apple Reality, Apple Sight, Apple iSight, Apple Lens and Apple Goggles.

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