Apple did not notify iOS users that they were infected with malware


It was revealed that in 2015 some users installed some applications containing dangerous malware and Apple did not notify them

Manzana Y Epic games they face a legal battle, which has revealed some sensitive information. It was recently revealed that users of ios they had been infected with a malware, but they are not notice.

New emails exposed in the trial showed that 128 million users of the operating system of the Cupertino company they had been infected with a dangerous virus, but they were not notified.

Apple did not report Apple virus

Dale Bagwell, who in that year was the Customer Experience Manager at iTunes, confirmed that “the emails that 18 million of those users were in the United States. While 55% of those affected and 66% of the downloads came from China ”.

There were reportedly 2,500 infected apps on the App Store. A total of 203 million times would have been downloaded and it was highlighted that all of them had the malware known as “XcodeGhost”.

Why didn’t Apple notify users and developers?

In the emails shown not revealed why Manzana not notice to users who had been infected with a dangerous malware.

App Store

Dale Bagwell only highlighted some of the issues that had caused it to go unreported. And it is that it revealed that it was difficult to send the mail in the appropriate language by region. It was also difficult to place all the infected apps that had been downloaded.

“Alerting all potential victims could be a problem and sending an email to each of the victims would take a while”

It was notified that Manzana He alerted the developers that they had been involved and asked them to use a genuine version of Xcode. And it is that the virus was passed as a faster alternative to this version, which caused it to be installed in apps.

This incident has made ios be one of the safest systems in the world. And it is that its application verification process is more thorough.

However, it is unknown whether in fact Manzana He decided not to notify due to technical complications or possible damage to his image.

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