Apple devices could be hacked with the ‘Find My’ app

'Find My'

German engineer discovered that it is possible to obtain user data from Apple devices thanks to the ‘Find My’ application

Manzana have always boasted that their devices have a large safety, so your users’ data is less vulnerable to hacks.

However, a German engineer discovered that it is possible to obtain data from users of the Cupertino company, thanks to the app ‘Find My’ (find), which is integrated into all computers.

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In his blog, Fabian Bräunlein described the procedure he designed to “load arbitrary data from ‘gadgets’ not connected to the Internet, sending signals from ‘Find My’ to devices Manzana who are then in charge of downloading that information ”.

In other words, the engineer designed a program that is able to connect randomly to any device in Manzana that emits GPS signals.

It should be remembered that ‘Find My’ is an application that allows you to locate any computer in the Cupertino company. And is that the device emits a Bluetooth signal that is captured by other devices Manzana.

“In this way, Fabian Bräunlein was able to receive and transmit data to other devices, encrypting them under the guise of GPS coordinates”


By faking the way a AirTag transmits your location as an encrypted message, the trick allows arbitrary data packets to be transmitted over the network ‘Find My‘.

The engineer revealed that this method can be used to be able to upload readings from sensors or any IoT (Internet of Things) device that is not connected to the Internet. And to exhaust a mobile data plans iPhone near.

Manzana use the network ‘Find My‘to report the location of items and devices. Through the data connection of any nearby iPhone, Mac or other device.

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