Apple develops an external battery for the iPhone with MagSafe


According to the first reports Apple is already working on an external battery with MagSafe

Late last year Manzana presented his series iPhone 12, the devices became popular for their features and design. However, during the event a new type of connection called MagSafe.

This connection adapts to the company’s new phones thanks to its magnets. This device was developed to give different tools to its users.

iPhone 12

Now it was revealed that Manzana is developing a Extreme battery for your iPhone with MagSafe. In the beta of iOS 14.5 an option was found that talks about the possibility of charging the phone through this connection.

The Bloomberg media noted that the Cupertino company It would have working on this possibility, however it would have to face several challenges before being able to launch it on the market.

Manzana would have to solve problems such as bad overheating alerts and correct connection and detection when attached to a iPhone with or without cover.

The new accessory would differ from the accessories of drums of Manzana for iPhone above in that it only provides additional battery life and does not serve as a complete protective case.

charge phone

The accessory probably more closely resembles the MagSafe Wallet, which sticks to the back of the phone. But it does not cover or protect the entire body.

In addition to the new battery pack, Manzana she’s interested in developing a way for her devices to charge each other.

The Bloomberg media revealed that the Cupertino company had planned that his line of iPhone 2019 could load AirPods wirelessly, but the plans were scrapped. However, it is something that the company continues to think about.

It is not the only plan I would have Manzana for your technology MagSafe. Since I would also be thinking of it coming to the MacBook Pro and MacBook Airs.

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