Apple Beats Studio3 headphones now at the lowest price

Specifically, they are Apple Beats Studio3 the headphones that we can now find at a really irresisible price. A pair of headphones that offer great performance, that have active noise cancellation and that are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The official price of this model is 349.95 euros, an amount that few can spend on headphones, but things change if we find an offer like the one shown below.

More than 110 euros of savings in the Apple Beats Studio3

And is that the online shopping giant has applied a discount of more than 30% in this model, which means a saving of just over 110 euros. Yes, you read that correctly, a great discount that means that we can buy the Apple Beats Studio3 at the moment for a final price of only 239.46 euros. A price that makes them one of the best noise-canceling headphones with a modern design.

Beats studio3 headphones red

The delivery time for these headphones is only one week and Amazon Prime customers can benefit from free shipping. The model on offer is in red, while for only 11 euros more we can also get them in white.

Beats studio3 headphones white

Quality on all four sides

These Apple Beats Studio3 are high-performance wireless headphones with a active noise cancellation, so they are able to actively block and cancel outside noise. In this way, they guarantee an exceptional sound experience regardless of where we are.

A model that has the Apple W1 chip and leading Bluetooth technology that give these headphones more range with fewer disconnections for a better wearing experience. Its great design and ergonomics mean that we can wear them for hours without realizing that we are wearing them, and they also have great autonomy.

Specifically, the Apple Beats Studio3 offer up to 22 hours of autonomy, while thanks to Fast Fuel, it is possible to get 3 more hours of use with only 10 minutes of charge. They also have multi-function controls and microphone integrated into the headset to be able to answer calls, control music or activate Siri in the most comfortable and simple way possible.

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