Apple asks to urgently update its equipment for security

iPhone, iPad or MacBook

A vulnerability in WebKit, a base engine of the Safari browser. Forces Apple to release a new update to protect the security of its operating systems

Manzana alerted its users by revealing that a new vulnerability in WebKit, a base engine of the Safari browser. To solve any security problem the company asked to update urgently the iPhone, iPad or Macbook.

The Cupertino company urged its users to download iOS 14.4.2, iPadOS 14.4.2 and watchOS 7.3.3 to resolve the flaw that allowed the processing of web content created for malicious purposes.

IOS update

Manzana explained that if I don’t know update You could be targeted for “arbitrary attacks” from malicious websites.

According to their support page the security breach it allowed to generate universal scripts between sites. Which could put equipment at risk.

Researchers Clement Lecigne and Billy Leonard from Google’s Threat Analysis Group were in charge of discovering the vulnerability in WebKit.

That is why they asked users update your iPhone, iPad or Macbook. Since they revealed that the problem could have been actively exploited.

Manzana also released a new update for older devices that fixes the security flaw – patch 12.5.2 which also takes care of closing that WebKit security flaw.

security update

At the beginning of March, Manzana had released another update to correct another vulnerability in WebKit. This was a memory corruption bug that could allow arbitrary code to run. Through the processing of maliciously crafted web content.

How to update your Apple equipment?

To update your device Manzana and protect your security, you need to go to Settings> General> Software update> Download and install.

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