Apple AR / VR glasses will need an iPhone to work


They reveal that users will not be able to use Apple’s first AR / VR glasses, if they do not have an iPhone

After several rumors it was revealed that the first AR / VR glasses from Manzana could be ready by 2022, although there is a possibility that they will be delayed to 2023. However, the device will not be able to function without a iPhone.

According to the North American media The Information, the lenses of the Cupertino company they will need help to function.

Apple glasses

It was revealed that AR / VR glasses from Manzana would not be similar to Samsung Gear VR that require you to insert the phone into the viewfinder in order to use the VR functions.

Since the AR / VR glasses must have a wireless connection with a device Manzana. In this sense it will resemble Apple watch, since being connected to a computer will get more out of it.

Why is it necessary to use an iPhone, iPad or Mac?

The Information explained that this decision is due to the processor of the AR / VR glasses It won’t be as powerful as the A14 Bionic on the iPhones or the M1 on the iPad Pro and some Macs.

In this way, the phone, tablet or computer will be in charge of processing the images required for virtual and augmented reality.

Apple AR VR glasses

That is, the device will not have the Neural Engine that is used to accelerate tasks related to artificial intelligence calculations.

“Mixed reality needs processing power, and right now it’s almost impossible to fit all of that into a single headset that is also comfortable to wear for an extended period of time.”

The media highlighted that AR / VR glasses They will have an 8K resolution and will also mount high resolution cameras to have a much more immersive experience.

Although much of their characteristics are unknown, it was revealed that the AR / VR glasses They would have a price of 3,000 dollars, about 60,000 Mexican pesos approximately.

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