Apple AirPods Pro headphones at an incredible discount

The first AirPods Pro marked a before and after in the world of wireless in-ear headphones, but the truth is that each of the later versions has been improving the previous one until the arrival of the new AirPods Pro, which they are undoubtedly the most desired today.

Apple AirPods Pro with a big discount

However, not everyone can afford to spend the 279 euros what these headphones are worth. Now, things change if we find an offer like the one we show you below. An offer that we find on Amazon and that allows you to save 75 euros when buying the Apple AirPod Pro.

Apple AirPods Pro Headphones

This is thanks to the 27% discount that the online shopping giant has applied to this model and that allows you to buy it from the link above final price of 203.99 euros. A product sold and shipped by Amazon that offers a delivery time of one week and that Amazon Prime users can receive at home for free. You can take advantage of the order to add some of the best accessories to take care of Apple AirPods Pro.

As if that were not enough, Amazon also offers the possibility of financing the purchase and paying for the headphones in four installments of 52.27 euros within a period of 90 days, although in this way we will have to face certain interests.

Great support and noise cancellation

The AirPods Pro has a system of active noise cancellation so that we can fully enjoy what we are listening to without anything bothering us. In addition, they have an ambient mode so as not to completely disconnect from the world around us and to be able to have a conversation at a certain time without having to remove the headphones.

His great comfort makes us wear them for hours without realizing that we are wearing them. They have very soft silicone conical pads available in three sizes for a perfect fit. They offer resistance to sweat and water, so we can wear them when we do sports without any problem.

Airpods pro earphones case

The AirPods Pro are accompanied by a charging case capable of giving the headphones a total autonomy of more than 24 hours. In this way, we can enjoy the headphones throughout the day without any problem. With the simple fact of saying “Hey Siri” we can communicate with the assistant and ask him to read us the messages of the mobile phone or to play our favorite music. Headphone measurements are 16.5 x 18 x 40.5 mm and each weigh 5.4 grams. For its part, the charging case measures 45.2 x 21.7 x 60.6 mm and has a weight of 45.6 grams, which allows us to carry it in any pocket with total comfort.

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