App that promises to measure blood pressure with the camera of your mobile


Riva Health promises that any smartphone should be able to measure blood pressure with the help of the camera

In recent months, several Applications that have been focused on the medical aspect. Taking advantage of the sensors of the smartphones various companies have launched platforms to control the people’s health.

Such is the case of the company Riva Health that promises to measure the blood pressure of people using their mobile camera.

Its main objective is to help people to have control over their health, in an easy and fast way, using a device that everyone has.


According to its developers with Riva people will be able to have clinically approved measurements using the camera and flash of a smartphone. Riva Health is a startup founded by Dag Kittlaus, Siri co-founder, and scientist Tuhin Sinha.

Kittlaus gave an interview for TechCrunch, where he revealed that the idea for his app emerged after becoming seriously ill in 2016. In that year the founder was diagnosed with pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer.

So he decided to develop a platform that would allow people to measure their blood pressure without the need to buy special equipment and that only one item that most people have will be needed.

How does Riva work?

Riva does not require additional hardware to measure blood pressure, you only need to download the app. Once it is installed, a button must be pressed to activate the rear flash of the device.

The platform will guide users so that they can place one of their fingers on the camera. Riva uses light to measure blood pressure and thus create a representation on the screen.


“The best known part of this technology is to shine a light on a blood vessel and get a wave,” Sinha explained.

Once the data is available, the app analyzes the data in order to provide accurate and reliable results. The app it will also allow the report to be sent to a doctor.

Actually Riva It is in the process of verification on Android phones, although it is unknown if it will also reach devices with an iOS operating system.

It is expected that this summer a test version will be launched to measure the blood pressureHowever, to have a clinical character it must have the approval of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

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