App for iPhone has been scamming its users since 2018

Through a Twitter thread it was revealed that AmpME obtained $ 13 million from the App Store by scamming users

Manzana has distinguished itself as one of the safest companies, to protect its followers the company has implemented strict measures in its App Store.

However, there are applications that manage to overcome all restrictions and manage to enter the store to scam users.

Just as he did «AmpME – Speaker & Music Sync“, a iPhone app carries cheating to its users since 2018. According to its description, this platform is used to synchronize music from the computer to any device such as speakers, computers or other cell phones.

AmpME app

The user Kosta Eleftheriou was the one who explained the scam of this application through a thread of Twitter. From the App Store It is presumed that it has 20 million users and that it is capable of synchronizing up to 22 thousand devices at the same time.

It is also noted that AmpME It is “completely free”, but it is not like that since it asks its users to activate a free subscription but that only lasts the first three days, after that time it charges $ 9.99 per week.

With these data it is said that the subscription can reach the amount of 520 dollars per year. Something that can be a problem since Kosta Eleftheriou revealed that it is difficult to cancel.

“It is easy to activate, but much more difficult to cancel, despite the fact that the app shows the opposite on its home screen”

How to earn $ 13 million creating an app that does nothing?

According to these data AmpME has been scamming its users for almost four years, it is estimated that its earnings could amount to 13 million dollars.

“Although the application does not seem to violate any policy of the App Store, given that any developer can set a price, it is strange that at such a high cost it is so popular”


the same twitter thread suggests that Manzana does nothing because the income also benefits the App Store.

“If you are worried about Apple taking action, rest assured, they are also making millions with their application, and they are happy to continue presenting it in the App Store, over and over again”

AmpME It has a 4.1 star rating on the App Store and can be found on the popular app lists. However, many of their reviews are false.

Kosta Eleftheriou showed that in reviews you can find names that are not real, as well as nonsensical comments.


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