Animated series from the ’80s and’ 90s that you can enjoy on Disney +

On Disney + you can enjoy the series of the Marvel Phase 4 and releases that are part of the most anticipated films of the year; but it also gives you the opportunity to remember your childhood years and relive many of the cartoons from the ’80s and’ 90s, discover which are these classics that you can see today in streaming.

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Cartoons from the ’80s and’ 90s available on Disney +

These animated series, with dubbing in Latin Spanish, will nostalgically bring back to your memory those afternoons when sitting in front of the television you lived incredible adventures, together with your favorite characters:


The series revolved around the plot of medieval gargoyles that a thousand years later, came to life at night when they were transferred to a building in New York.

Duck adventures

This series issued between 1987 and 1990, tells the adventures of Rico McPato and his three nephews: Hugo, Paco and Luis. The adventures mainly focus on how the guy spends his time defending his fortune from the bad guys.

Darkwing Duck

Pato Darkwing is the superhero of San Canario, assisted by Joe McQuak, you will surely notice several elements of Marvel and DC Comics.

The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

The new adventures of Winnie the Pooh introduced us to some fantastic characters, a living reflection of a child’s imagination. In each episode, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Pig, Owl, Rabbit and Canju, lived wonderful stories in a place as mysterious as the Hundred Acre Forest.

Chip and Dale to the rescue

Chip and Dale are a peculiar duo of private investigators, they are joined by Monterrey Jack, an adventurous old mouse, Gady Hackwrench, an expert mechanical mouse (daughter of a friend of Monty’s, who Chip and Dale always struggle to fall in love with) and Zipper, a hyperactive fly. They face many criminals and villains, but especially Bad Face, an evil cat and his silly minions.

The Goofy Troop on Disney +

Goofy returns to Spoonville with his son Max, where he meets Pete, an old classmate from Goofy’s school, and his son BJ. They become best friends!

The Adventures of Timon and Pumbaa

The series tells us what happened after ‘The Lion King’, are the fun adventures of the meerkat and the most famous boar in cinema.

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Now that you know all these animated series available on Disney +, why are you going to start your memory marathon this afternoon?

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