Android will no longer let you look at your cell phone while you walk

With your smartphone you can chat, share memes, upload selfies and more, but there are times of the day when you have to take a break, for example when walking. An Android function will help you remember it, since it will detect your movement and for your safety it will ask you to stop looking at your cell phone when you are walking.

don't look at your android while walking

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New Android “Look Ahead” mode

This tool from Google, available for Android, is called Digital well-being, and began to develop from the end of 2020. The option will begin to appear in the section “Reduce interruptions”.

It will work in a very simple way, you just have to activate the “Look ahead” mode on your cell phone. The system has access to the GPS so it will detect your movement and determine if you are walking, at that moment it will remind you that you should not be looking at the screen.

don't look at your android while walking

Checking your cell phone while you walk can cause an incident, since it is a distraction that could cause you to trip, fall or not pay attention when crossing a street. So this new tool aims to take care of you.

Goodbye distractions!

Digital well-being also includes the function Focus, which will help you avoid being distracted while working. You will decide the apps in which you want to disable notifications during your work hours or perhaps during an important meeting, for example Facebook.

The tools will appear first on Google teams and it is expected that they will soon reach the rest of Android devices, although the launch date has not been confirmed at the moment.

people looking at the cell phone while walking

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Will you activate this function on your smartphone when it is available?

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