Android announces new summer features

Google continuously develops novel tools for your mobile operating system. This time, Android ad new summer features ranging from the recommendation of emojis to the security and organization of your messages.

Summer news on Android

Extreme encryption for messages

We already met this option in the beta version of Android last winter; The message encryption function will allow you to give more security to your conversations, in addition to verifying if the person to whom you send the text, image or video in a messaging app has the same function or not.

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Emoji suggestions

Android now automatically recommends the ideal emoji for each of your conversations, based on the words you type. It will be faster to add fun emojis!

Message organization

You can highlight an important message for follow-up, which will help you find the information faster.

Earthquake alerts

It is Google’s earthquake detection and alert system that is being extended to more and more countries, in addition to warning people when they are in a potentially affected area.

These options will gradually reach all devices throughout the summer and will be added to those that are scheduled for the fall with Android 12, such as brightness reduction to the maximum and the tool for translate texts in your screenshots.

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Which of these summer features would you like to debut first on Android?

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