Android alerts users who walk while they see the cell phone

they walk cell phone use

More and more people suffer some kind of accident from using the cell phone while walking, that is why Android launched a new function

The cell phones have become an indispensable element of people’s lives, more and more people use it at all times even when they walk down the street.

This situation has caused several accidents on public roads, therefore Google added a new function in Android to improve the security of its users.

Heads Up

Heads Up is a new tool of the operating system that will prevent the user from being distracted from sending messages while walk.

Some media revealed that the feature is rolling out in the beta version of the app Digital well-being. The first reports indicate that users of a Pixel device can now enjoy the function.

Digital well-being It is an initiative that seeks to raise awareness among users of maintaining healthy habits with technology. In this way, it seeks to reduce cell phone use on the street and while driving.

Available on select phones Android to help manage your usage. “It can be used to set limits on the amount of time you spend on specific apps, or set a bedtime mode so a phone is less distracting late at night.”

How does Heads Up work?

When Android detect that the user is sending messages or using any application while walk, will send an alert reminding you of the risk that exists when looking at the cell phone and not facing it.

“If you’re walking while using your phone, you’ll get a reminder to focus on your surroundings,” says the Heads Up settings page.

cell phone walk alert

This option uses two different systems to identify when we are walking:

“On the one hand, it uses the physical activity API to determine if we are walking with our mobile in our hand. On the other, use the location permit to know if we are on the street or in any other public place “

“Reminders include short notifications with instructions such as: ‘Watch your steps’, ‘Stay alert’ and ‘Look up’»

Heads Up it is a support tool and does not replace the fact that people must pay attention while walking.

This measure seeks to raise awareness among all people who use their cell phone while they walk and they forget to pay attention to their surroundings.

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