Android 12 will include a recycle bin to recover files

The big launch of the Android 12 is getting closer and closer, where some of its new features and functions will be revealed, of which we have already been able to know a little. Today we show you a new one, it is a recycle bin for deleted files.

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Recycle bins are nothing new in the world of technology, especially computers. However, on mobile devices it is something completely innovative. That’s why here we tell you all about the new tool Android 12.

Email recycle bin

Android 12 and its new recycle bin

The idea of Google Integrating a recycle bin in their new operating system is so that users can manage files deleted from their cell phones and even be able to recover items deleted by mistake.

The recycle bin will be located in the menu of Setting or Settings > Storage. Here there will be a space dedicated to deleted files: photos, videos, audios, applications, documents, among others. As well as a button with the option to empty the recycle bin.

Recycle bin files

So far the Android 12 is the first operating system of Google to integrate this new function and it will be included natively. This means that it will only be enough to update your phone to get the recycle bin as an automatic tool for Android 12.

On which phones can the new Android be installed?

At the moment only Google Pixel phones have access to the new operating system. However, it is a matter of time for Android 12 to reach the rest of the smartphones, which will have access if they have Android 9, 10 or 11, even older operating systems. An update that will arrive automatically with the rest of its functions.

Android 12 Google new features

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Android 12 will include a complete list of new features, the recycle bin is just one of them. If you want to know more about its functions, do not miss Google I / O 2021, the developer conference, next May 20 where all the details and official launch date will be revealed. 😉

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