Android 12 will control the brightness of your screen to take care of your eyes

Android 12 develops new functions that you will soon be able to release, from a new way to install apps, a Recycle Bin Y apps that you can customize, until fun emojis. This time, a new tool has been revealed. It is an adjustment in the brightness settings, so that you can use your cell phone at night, without the light from the screen disturbing your view.

According to Gadgetsnow, the new Android 12 developer preview, the system has included the tweak ‘Extra dim’, which will make it possible to configure the brightness of your smartphone below their minimum values.

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What are the benefits of ‘Extra dim’ on Android 12?

It is well known that using a lower brightness on your screen reduces the consumption of your cell phone battery, but the main benefit will be for your eyes. Many users usually check their cell phone before sleeping, already with the lights off, the option to ‘Extra dim’ Reducing the brightness will help reduce excessive light from the screen to protect your eyes.

You will decide what is the minimum brightness when activating this new function, within ‘Accessibility’ in the ‘Brightness reduction’ menu of your cell phone. The screen of your device will apply an automatic filter that will darken the screen, below factory levels. It will be a break for your eyes!

android 12 will have the extra dim function

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