Android 12 will allow you to translate texts in your screenshots

Although it is possible that Android 12 will be released until the summer, since the beginning of the year some of its functions have been revealed little by little, for example, the option of brightness reduction to the maximum. Now it was announced that the screenshots will include a new tool, which will allow the texts included in them to be translated automatically.

android 12 will include a translator in the screenshots

How will this new screenshot feature work?

The screenshot translator is a feature that is already available on Android through Google Lens, the app is capable of extracting a text and translating it into another language.

This same tool will now be integrated into the interface of the screenshots with the Android 12 update. Google has added a new button to the options that appear when a screenshot.

new screenshot translator in android 12
Photo: XDA Developers

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The portal XDA Developers revealed some of the first images of this feature. Next to the thumbnail of the screenshot you can see a new icon or button, with the word Ā«TranslateĀ». When pressed, the text will be translated into the language that you have enabled in your smartphone. It is practically a direct access to the Google Lens.

You will still have to wait for the arrival of Android 12 to be able to release this function on your cell phone. If you want to be among the first to enjoy the news of this update, make sure that your smartphone always have the latest version installed or renew it. In the Telcel online store you find the best Android smartphones with the benefits of Friend Kit and the connectivity of #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest coverage.

What other feature would you like to see come with Android 12?

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