Android 12 updates 389 emojis and this is what they look like

Beta 1 of Android 12 has gradually revealed the new functions and redesign of the interface that the next Google update will have. This time, he has shown what the emojis, 389 changes have been applied to the results.

The keyboard emojis It is a tool widely used in chats, since, just by choosing a small figure, you can add emotion to the conversations. That is why each new emoji or redesign causes great expectation.

Redesign of emojis on Android 12

In accordance with Emojigraph, Android 12 has not confirmed so far new emojis but it has made 389 changes to the existing ones.

The modifications are focused on making the figures simpler or more friendly. For example, the face mask emoji is once again a happy face.

new face mask emoji in android 12
Photo: Emojigraph

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Some elements have been removed. Vegetables that previously showed their two halves, such as avocado or coconut, now only have one. The syringe no longer contains blood and Mount Fuji’s reflection in the lake has faded.

android 12 emoji redesign has modified syringe and mount fuji
Photo: Emojigraph

There are slight changes in others, for example the clocks mark a different time, the supermarket cart is now made of metal, the bikini turns pink or red, and the cell phone has more apps. While some designs take on a certain three-dimensionality, others become flat.

android 12 emojis show almost 400 changes
Photo: Emojigraph

Recall that Android 12 is still in development, so it is expected that its emojis still show modifications on release.

All redesigns of emojis on Android 12 Beta 1

All emoji redesigns in Android 12 Beta 1
Photo: Emojigraph
android 12 has modified the appearance and colors of its emojis
Photo: Emojigraph

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Which emoji do you think it looks better now?

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