Android 12 | The “Security and Emergencies” menu will be mandatory

Security and Emergencies Android 12

It was revealed that people who want to update their equipment to Android 12 will have to complete the “Security and Emergencies” menu

On October 4 it was officially launched Android 12, this operating system comes with great news. However, something that was surprising is that the menu «Security and Emergencies»Will be mandatory.

It is a section where all the information that you need to know about a person is integrated in case they suffer a accident or medical emergency.

The menu “Security and Emergencies»Incorporates medical information as well as medical history, blood group and emergency contacts. In addition, emergency services can be called if necessary.

Android Security and Emergencies

This section unifies several of the functions that were scattered in the menu and that were difficult to find in emergencies.

In this way, the company hopes that with Android 12 data that turns out to be highly relevant can be accessed when there is an emergency. Since you will not have to search through the entire phone, since everything will be in the same menu.

User Mishaal Rahman revealed on Twitter that the “Security and Emergencies” menu will be mandatory for all users who want to use Android 12.

It was revealed that they should have the following fields:

  • Medical information
  • SOS emergency
  • Emergency location service
  • Emergency contacts
  • Earthquake alert
  • Wireless emergency alerts

Android 12

In this sense, manufacturers must ensure that users add this information and that it is found in the same menu, regardless of the customization layers they choose.

“The availability of the options offered by said menu will not be guaranteed, since it will depend on the region where the user is located”

Mishaal Rahman also revealed that another GMS requirement for Android mobiles that will go into effect with Android 12 is that a screen reader service like TalkBack be included for visually impaired users.

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