Android 12 | Google’s biggest operating system redesign

Google officially presented Android 12, which comes with a new design and greater privacy enforcement

Taking advantage of its annual developer event, the Google I / O 2021, Google announced the arrival of Android 12. This is the largest redesign in the history of the operating system.

The company described this update as “the most ambitious redesign in recent years.” Among its novelties is a strengthening of privacy, colorful themes and improved notifications for users.

“Android 12 includes everything you love about Android. It focuses on building a personal phone that adapts to you, developing an operating system that is secure and private from its design, and making all your devices work better together. “

What’s new in Android 12

Something that sticks out of Android 12 is that it presents colorful themes in its interface. In this way, users will be able to completely personalize their cell phone.

Now it can be adapted to the colors of your wallpaper, and its design is cleaner and more minimalist.

“Users will be able to fully customize their phone”

Android 12 colors

The new design language is named ‘Material You‘. Interface blocks now have steeper rounded edges.

The operating system it will feature improved animations and a much larger clock. The notification bar and the accesses also changed, as did the application of Google play and control of home devices.

“The shortcuts now allow you to control practically the entire operating system with just a swipe and a touch”

Android 12 it comes with improved device sync. It will be faster and easier to pair your device with Bluetooth accessories and products from the most popular brands.

On Google Met the ability to present content with documents, spreadsheets and web presentations will be introduced. More subtitles will also be added, for now they are only available in five languages, but there will be more soon.

Google maps it also features new features, including reminders when location history is activated.

In the same way, the use of augmented reality was announced to know the shops and restaurants that are around. And traffic signs for intersections will be added and you will be able to know the most visited areas of a place.

Privacy and security system in Android 12

On Android 12 a new privacy system is included that will provide more transparency to the user about their applications. Information will be provided on who accesses the personal data, system, camera, microphone and location.

“Android devices are now faster and more responsive with better energy efficiency so the device can be used for longer at no charge”

Android 12 security

Android 12 it will show through indicators when the camera or microphone is being used and small switches to disable access.

Android’s ‘Private Compute Core’ is included, a space equivalent to partitions, but specialized in storing sensitive data such as passwords or biometric data.

Google promises that Android 12 It will consume 22% less time for the CPU in accessing the system and will reduce the use of important cores by the system by 15%.

The beta version of Android 12 is already available on some Pixel, ASUS, OnePlus, OPPO, realme, Sharp, Tecno, TCL, Vivo, Xiaomi and ZTE devices.

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