An unprecedented promotion: Live the emotion of brand new iPhone 12 months without interest!

Do not stop pampering yourself and start this 2022 with a new iPhone 12, the best smartphone launched in 2020 for many technology specialists. In addition, you can buy it for 24 months without interest if you buy it in the Telcel Max No Limit 6000 Plan or any higher plan. paying initial 50% down payment plan. Valid as of February 2.

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Why take advantage of this promotion for months without interest?

By purchasing an iPhone 12, you will be able to enjoy all its incredible features: the 5.4-inch screen, a resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels at 476 ppi and you will also be able to take photos like a professional. On the one hand, its rear camera is 12 MP and has ultra wide angle and wide angle; while its front camera has the TrueDepth system with which you can create a depth map of the face and capture an infrared image of it.

With these great features you won’t want to stop taking pictures wherever you go. In addition, when contracting with the Telcel Max Unlimited Plan 6000 or any higher plan, you can enjoy some unlimited social networking as well as unlimited talk and text.

The features of the iPhone 12: is it worth it?

The answer according to many technology specialists is “yes”. For many of them, the iPhone 12 has an extremely elegant design, as well as being very light. As if that were not enough, this iPhone is resistant to water and dust.

Take advantage of this promotion and enjoy your new iPhone 12 with the great features that make it up and continue browsing with #TelcelLaBestRed with the best Coverage and Speed.

And you, what color would you choose for your iPhone 12?

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