Amazon service that shares your internet with your neighbors

Amazon Sidewalk

Amazon presented a technology that shares your WiFi with your neighbors, how to deactivate Sidewalk to protect your internet connection

Amazon is in the middle of the controversy after it presented its service Sidewalk, which share your internet with your neighbours.

Since June 8 in the United States, smart devices such as speakers, light bulbs, locks and sensors belonging to the line Amazon Echo will have this technology for free.

What is Sidewalk and how does it work?

Sidewalk is a service that allows other users to connect anonymously and momentarily to the nearby WiFi, when the devices of Amazon are left without internet connection.


That is to say now the devices “Echo and Ring that share a little of their bandwidth of your WiFi so that other devices with Sidewalk that are within range can connect to the Internet and it also allows the coverage range to be extended”.

In accordance with Amazon the speed of these devices will be limited to 80 kbps and their data consumption to 500 MB per month.

The company explained that this feature is a way to ensure that lights, locks, and other smart devices outside the home and away from a Wi-Fi connection continue to work.

This service has caused controversy since it is not known who shares its signal or at what time. Neither does the user when he is sharing it. So the person will not know which device Sidewalk they are connected on your network.


Some experts have even pointed out that the security and privacy risks of sharing WiFi are unknown.

After the criticism you have received, Amazon noted that it is an optional service so users can disable it.

How to disable Amazon Sidewalk to avoid sharing your internet with your neighbors?

To deactivate Sidewalk Echo users can go to the Alexa app and then to account settings where the section is Amazon Sidewalk and a button to deactivate it.

In the Ring app, go to “Control Center” and then tap “Sidewalk.”

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