Amazon robots can fire workers

Amazon workers

The performance of Amazon workers is monitored by robots, so they can be fired if the machines deem it necessary

Amazon has become one of the most popular platforms around the world. In order to fulfill its functions in a timely manner, the company has had to automate several of its procedures.

For this, it has been based on the use of technology such as robots. The company has a series of algorithms that determine the destination of each package, which is delivered by workers personally.


However it was revealed that machines have the power to fire workers from Jeff Bezos’ company.

Amazon drivers are fired by a robot

According to a Bloomberg report, hired couriers are fired by machines and do not get answers from another human being.

The Amazon Flex worker-focused report revealed that their performance is monitored by robots.

The robots They are in charge of checking if the workers comply with the stipulated times, if they make the deliveries successfully or if they complete the activities under the established parameters.

The analysis of their performance is essential for the machines. Since based on these results it is determined if it receives more routes or is fired.


A source revealed that he was fired through emails that were sent automatically.

“Most support emails are signed with only a first and last initial. The workers do not know if they are dealing with people or with machines since they only appear that they are signed by SYAM “

So the amazon robots have the authority to fire workers without consider that its operation is not adequate.

In this sense, the source stressed that the machines do not consider problems that may arise on a day-to-day basis and only see if the package was delivered on time.

“They seem to have no common sense about how the real world works,” revealed worker Stephen Normandin.

Amazon Flex It is a platform that works like an Uber of packages, since it allows people to use their own vehicles to transport packages and purchases made by people.

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