Amazon reduces € 200 the 65-inch Samsung 65AU9005 Smart TV

Offer for the Smart TV Samsung 65AU9005

A model from the South Korean manufacturer’s catalog of this same year 2021 and that we can get on Amazon with a great discount. The online shopping giant has applied exactly one 20% discount in this model, which allows us to save the amount of almost 200 euros on your purchase. In this way, instead of having to pay the 999 euros that it has as its official price, it is now possible to get it for 799.90 euros.

samsung 65AU9005 side

Those who prefer it, can also place the order and pay it in 24 installments of 36.75 euros thanks to the financing service offered by Amazon itself, although in this case the price will increase due to the interest that must be paid. Even so, saving is important.

It is a product sold and shipped by Amazon whose delivery time is only a couple of days. Therefore, in about 48 hours we can have this Smart TV Samsung 65AU9005 in our house.

High-end design and performance

At a glance, we can see how this Samsung model has a very attractive design with a screen ultra thin, without frames and adjustable base. The panel is made up of crystalline inorganic nanoparticles, which allows the reproduction of more than 1,000 million colors with total purity. A Crystal UHD panel capable of displaying images of enormous quality and that also does not degrade over time.

The Samsung 65AU9005 is compatible with HDR10 +, has a Crystal UHD processor and other technologies such as Contrast Enhancer, which allows to show a greater level of depth and color thanks to the analysis of each image to create more natural and realistic tones. It also has motion Xcelerator Turbo, a video game processor that optimizes the sharpness of moving images to enjoy a game experience with great fluidity at 120 Hz and the multi View function, which allows us to divide the television into multiple screens to enjoy various content at the same time . It is even possible to choose the size and volume of each one of them.

samsung 65AU9005 measurements

The measurements of this Samsung 65AU9005 Smart TV are 145.17 x 29 x 89.75 cm and has a weight of 22 kg. The model on offer is black, has Bluetooth, WiFi, USB, Ethernet and HDMI connectivity and can be controlled by its own remote control or through our voice, since it has integrated Alexa.

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