Amazon One | System to pay with the palm of the hand

Amazon One

Amazon One technology allows scanning the palm of the person’s hand and being able to pay, since it is linked to a credit card or account

To avoid using cash, different payment methods have been developed that allow people to make purchases without the need to depend on their card or money.

In this sense it was presented Amazon One, which uses the Palm of the hand to make purchases faster. The company began testing its new payment system at some Whole Foods grocery stores near their headquarters.

Amazon payments

At the end of last year Amazon shared his intention to develop this technology which could be used in stadiums, offices and some stores. So far it is unknown if some companies have been interested in Amazon One.

How does the Amazon payment system work?

Amazon One It allows scan the Palm of the hand and link it to a credit card or account. After an initial registration, it would take less than a minute.

In this way people could to pay when scanning your hand at an enabled cash register, without the need to use cash or a mobile phone.


Although this is a technological breakthrough, privacy experts have warned against the use of biometric data such as face or palm scan due to the risk of hacking and theft.

In this sense Amazon revealed that it keeps the images of the palms in a safe place in its cloud and that it does not save them in the identification service Amazon One.

The company also explained that customers can ask for their personal information to be erased at any time.

Depending on how the implementation of this payment system works, it is likely that we will see in the future Amazon One also in other supermarkets and stores.

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