Amazon offers the Logitech K380 keyboard now at its best price

When we talk about peripherals, there is no doubt that Logitech is one of the reference manufacturers. This time, it is the Logitech K380 model, a wireless keyboard compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, Chrome OS, etc. A keyboard that we can connect wirelessly thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity with our mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Maximum productivity wherever you go

A simple and practical way to connect to all our devices and write easily when the tasks we are doing require it to be more productive. In addition, it is a very compact and lightweight keyboard model that we can comfortably carry anywhere and that offers a very good typing experience. It should also be noted that it has buttons quick access and favorite shortcuts.

logitech k380 keyboard

This Logitech K380 keyboard has Easy-Switch buttons that make it easy to connect with up to three devices at the same time and be able to switch between them quickly. A model that is equipped with batteries, which offers us a long-lasting autonomy, approximately two years depending on the use we give it. So we will not have to worry if the keyboard has a battery or we have to charge it.

It has a very compact and lightweight design, which allows it to be used almost anywhere and comfortably carried in any bag, purse or backpack. The dimensions of this Logitech K380 keyboard are 1.6 cm high, 27.9 cm wide and 12.4 cm deep, while the weight of the keyboard is approximately 1 kg.

Logitech K380 keyboard on sale

A high-quality keyboard with an attractive design to work with your Android phone or tablet Wherever we go, it has an official price of 51.99 euros. Now, thanks to the offer that we now find available for this model on Amazon, it is possible to get it with more than one 30% off. style = “display: inline-block; width: 100%;”>logitech k380 multi device keyboard

This means that its final price is 35.47 euros. Taking into account that it is a product sold and shipped by Amazon itself, it is possible to receive it from one day to the next in our own home. That is, as long as we place the order with enough time for Amazon to prepare and ship it, we can receive it within a maximum period of 24 hours.

This Logitech K380 keyboard is available in several colors, but in the offer we found on Amazon it is not possible to choose a color and it only allows you to buy it in white.

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