Amazon lowers this smart scale with Alexa and control app

It is a model with dimensions of only 30 x 2.6 x 30 cm and weighing less than two kilos, so we can place it in any corner of our bathroom without any problem. In addition, this smart scale has a careful design in which you can see a generously sized screen, which will be where we can see all the information provided after performing a complete body analysis each time we get on it.

15 parameter measurement and compatible with Alexa

Specifically, this scale is capable of calculate up to 15 parameters measurement, weight, body fat, water content, bmi, muscle mass, basal metabolism, protein, skeletal muscle, bone mass, fat volume, fat-free body weight, muscle volume, visceral fat degree, muscle control, fat control , age and state of the body.

Atenea fit smart scale with app

In addition, the SPC Atenea Fit does not limit the number of users, so the whole family can use it without any problem. Through the SPS IoT app, it is possible connect or synchronize the mobile with the scale in order to control and consult all our measurements to see if we meet our objectives. It is also possible to control other SPC Smart Home products from this same application.

A scale that offers IFTTT and wizard compatibility Google and Alexa. Therefore, we can control certain functions or request certain information taken from the scale analysis with our own voice.

This SPC Atenea Fit scale works with AAA batteries, so it offers enormous autonomy and we will not have to worry about changing the batteries every two by three.

Offer for the SPC Atenea Fit scale

The official price for this smart scale with Alexa is 39.90 euros, but now it is possible to buy it at a discounted price thanks to the offer that we find on Amazon. The online shopping giant has applied exactly a 19% discount to this model, which represents an interesting saving and leaves the final price at 32.13 euros. A price that makes it one of the most interesting smart scales at that price.

Athena fit smart scale

It is a product sold and shipped by Amazon that offers a delivery time of just one business day, of course, as long as we place the order with enough time so that it can be prepared and shipped on the same day. At the time of ordering, we can choose between two colors for the scale, black or white. Both colors have the same discount, although the black model shows a slightly higher price, but only a few cents.

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