Amazon Kindle e-book on sale for less than 75 euros

Obviously the model we are talking about is the one that corresponds to the Last generation eReader from the well-known online store. And this has several virtues that are sure to be interesting to you and possibly will make you decide to take the step of buying this product. An example of what we say is that this is a model that has front light (of four LEDs), so you can read anywhere even if you are in a dark room. This is something that many are sure to appreciate and that was the reason for not opting for a device with a screen of electronic ink.

In what has to do with the panel that includes this Amazon Kindle on offer, the one chosen has dimensions of 6 inches and has a resolution of 167 dpi. Enough to distinguish without any problem any type of font that is displayed and without having to strain your eyes to do so. In addition, it is also capable of reproducing a gray scale of up to 16 tones, something that is appreciated when there are images in the eBook that is used. It is important to mention that one of the things that is achieved with this is that the device has quite restrained dimensions, only 160 x 113 x 8.7 mm, and that the weight stays in only 174 grams. Come on, it is ideal to take it from one place to another without disturbing it.

Excellent possibilities in this product

Finished in white or black plastic, it must be said that the design of this product is quite attractive and its resistance is more than adequate (but you can always put a cover on the Amazon Kindle). In addition, it must be indicated that in the model that is in promotion you will not find any button to navigate between the different menus or perform the page turn, since all this cannot be done simply and simply by using the screen included in the electronic book we are talking about. Simplicity and efficiency go hand in hand.

Kindle Paperwhite

Buy now the Amazon Kindle on sale

The existing promotion to make you the device we are talking about at this time is another reason for you to decide to buy it. Right now you can save 17% of the price that it usually has, so you only have to pay 74.37 euros. We leave the link that you have to use to make the purchase of this equipment without leaving home things has a storage of 8 GB so you can carry more than 1500 books saved without the slightest problem. By the way, if you have a Prime account, you won’t pay anything for shipping costs.

Finally, we believe that it is important to note that this Amazon Kindle on offer includes connection Wifi, which ensures you can access online or purchase books or download those that are sent by a unique email address that each of these electronic books has. Without a doubt, an excellent option to purchase this product, since we are talking about a model that has a autonomy of several weeks, so it is among the best on the market.

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