Amazon Fire TV Cube player on sale for only 69.99 euros

This is a multimedia player that among its virtues includes having very small dimensions: 86.1 x 86.1 x 76.9 mm. This, combined with its cube shape, ensures that you can place it practically anywhere next to the TV that you have in the living room or bedroom. In addition, the installation is very simple, since you only have to connect the accessory to the power and use a cable HDMI so that the images can be viewed on the screen of a monitor or Smart TV. And all this without missing a remote control that allows the management of content and reproductions to be very simple.

Amazon Fire TV Cube front in black

Another good detail that exists in the Amazon Fire TV Cube is that it has direct and native access to the voice assistant Alexa. This allows, among other things, to be able to choose what you want to see with amazing ease and you can also manage all the compatible devices that you have at home (such as light bulbs and even the Echo speakers that the aforementioned online store has). By the way, that inside this device is included a 40mm speaker to be able to interact correctly with the tool that we have discussed, something that is quite useful when the screen to which it is connected is off.

Good video quality on the Amazon Fire TV Cube

This is something that is quite important, since it allows you to take advantage of practically all the televisions that exist on the market, since this device is capable of managing 4K content with absolute ease and without any loss of quality. Besides, it also offers compatibility with options such as HDR10 + or Dolby Vision, which ensures an excellent experience of using colors when enjoying movies and series. By the way, in the sound section it should be noted that this product is compatible with Dolby Atmos.

Fire TV Cube buttons

Offer not to be missed

The truth is that we believe that this is exactly the case because of that discount existing right now to buy this equipment is from 42%, which enables you to save 50 euros. Therefore, right now this is one of the most recommended multimedia players that you can get considering its quality / price ratio. It is one of the best offers we have ever seen for this product and, in addition, if you have an Amazon Prime account you will not have to pay absolutely anything for shipping costs.

Finally, we want to highlight that the connectivity section includes both Wifi to access the internet as Bluetooth 5.0 to be able to connect accessories easily and without cables. And the latter is important, since thanks to its operating system, as it has a six-core processor with 2 GB of RAM, it is possible to enjoy a large number of applications, including games.

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