Amazon Echo speaker on sale with great sound quality and free shipping

The model we are talking about is the one that belongs to the fourth generation of this product range, so it has a finish with spherical lines and where there is no lack of fabric of different colors so that you can choose the one that best suits the place where you will install this accessory. It is also quite striking that at the base there is a LED ring that allows you to know at all times the state of the device that is not excessively large (its dimensions remain in 144 x 144 x 133 mm, since we are not talking about the Dot which is smaller than Amazon has).

New Amazon Echo speaker

As it cannot be otherwise, it was a product designed to achieve a smart home, this is a device that has direct and native access to the assistant Alexa. This means that many of its functions are performed exclusively with the voice (so it includes a good set of microphones so that its operation is efficient), and you can even establish communication with other devices compatible with this tool and manage them without problems with this Amazon Echo on sale. By the way, the Privacy, since it is possible to disable recognition in the case that you do not want the product to recognize what you say.

How to get this Amazon Echo on sale

Right now there is one of the biggest discounts to buy this product that we have seen to date is the well-known online store, since it reaches the 3. 4% which means that you only have to pay 66.10 euros to have it at home (and without adding anything for shipping costs in the case of having a Prime account). We leave the links that you have to use to take advantage of the occasion we are talking about and, in addition, you should know that at this time all colors in which this smart speaker is available have exactly the same promotion. An excellent opportunity, without a doubt.

Interesting options offered by this accessory

One of those that we should not overlook is that this is a model that will allow you to enjoy a fairly good sound quality, since it includes a set of speakers among which is not missing one 76 millimeter woofer that ensure a good definition. In addition, it also has access to technologies that are very interesting such as Dolby. We are going to convince you without a doubt. Something interesting that this Amazon Echo offers on offer is that it has an inlet and outlet joint connection, which allows you to use several of these models in parallel.

This device does not lack compatibility with the Skills from Amazon, which allows you to increase the usefulness of the device by accessing small applications that make the device more efficient. And, all this, with a very interesting connectivity since it does not lack Bluetooth nor Wifi (allowing easy access to the Internet). By the way, there are already a good number of accessories for Amazon Echo that will surely interest you in order to always get the most of it.

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