Amazon Echo Show 5 smart display on sale and free shipping

This is the model offered by the well-known online store that integrates a smaller screen, specifically 5.5 inch. But this component is more than enough to be an excellent device to be part of the table you have in the room and even as aids in the kitchen. With it, you can watch videos with a acceptable quality (resolutions of 960 x 480 pixels) until checking the time or the weather that is going to be in the place where you are or where you plan to travel.

Amazon Echo Show 5 white screen

Thanks to the native inclusion of the Alexa assistant, the additional features that you can take advantage of with the Amazon Echo Show 5 are quite extensive. An example of what we say is power manage all accessory parametersIt’s like smart light bulbs or plugs, without having to use the phone at all. Besides, this model is also quite useful as a loudspeaker, since it allows executing voice commands to obtain information or access calls. Skills (which are applications that are installed additionally, and that allow the product we are talking about to increase in functions and uses … for example, it is to have access to a practically endless recipe book).

A discount that is positive

Right now you can buy the complete smart screen we are talking about for just 84.99 euros, an amount of the most sensible and that it is very possible that it will make you take the step and make the purchase in the Amazon store, which is one of the most reliable that exists on the Internet. The offer we are talking about is available for both the color model white like that used by black, so you can choose without restrictions the one that best suits the decoration you have at home. We stop buying what you have to use and where, if you have a Prime account, you will not have to pay anything for shipping costs.

Good performance of the Amazon Echo Show 5

With dimensions that are only 148 x 86 x 73 mm, so in almost any hole you can place this product, it should be noted that in the connectivity section you will not find any problem when using it. The reason is that to access the Internet you have Dual Band WiFi, so the speed and stability of the collection is very high. In addition, it does not lack Bluetooth, which allows synchronization with mobile devices with which to configure the accessory through the use of a free application that exists both for ios as for Android.

Amazon Echo Show 5

Existing the possibility of disabling the integrated microphones so that privacy is the maximum possible when you need it, inside the Amazon Echo Show 5 there is a good 42mm speaker in diameter that ensures a fairly decent sound quality, and it does not lack a 1 Mpx front camera that offers the possibility of videoconferencing with a fairly acceptable quality, since it is even HD (720p). Without a doubt, a fairly complete product.

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