Amazon Echo Flex smart speaker now for only 19.99 euros

Control all your Alexa compatible devices

It is Amazon’s own device and it is one of the best solutions to control all kinds of accessories and devices. compatible with AlexaAs well as asking the famous assistant for any kind of help, we can even ask him to add certain products to our cart to buy on Amazon.

A device that has an integrated plug and that allows us to have Alexa in other rooms of our house so that we can ask for help at any time, know the weather forecast, traffic conditions, play our favorite music or control other compatible devices to regulate the temperature of the house, turn off or on the lights, etc.

Amazon Echo Flex

If we also connect it to external speakers, we can listen to the music that we request from Alexa through the speakers. To do this, the Echo Flex itself has a integrated speaker that allows you to listen to the assistant and that can be connected to external speakers through the 3.5 mm auxiliary port or by Bluetooth connectivity.

Another feature of this device is that it has compatibility with the Amazon Skills, which allow adding functionalities to the use of the device. For those who are concerned about privacy when using this type of device, it must be said that the Echo Flex has a physical button that allows us to turn off or mute the microphone. In this way, we will prevent Alexa from listening to any conversation.

Amazon Echo Flex now at a bargain price

As we indicated previously, it is now possible to get this Amazon Echo Flex on sale. Specifically, the online shopping giant has applied a 33% discount, which represents significant savings. In this way, taking into account that its official price is 29.99 euros, after applying the discount its price remains at only 19.99 euros.

Amazon Echo Flex

Being a product of Amazon itself, the Echo Flex is sold and shipped by the online shopping giant, so it offers a delivery time of just a couple of business days. For those who are subscribed to the Amazon Prime subscription service, they can receive it at home for free. The Amazon Echo Flex has measurements of 6.7 x 7.2 x 7.3 cm, it weighs about 150 grams and has dual-band WiFi connectivity.

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