Amazon Echo Dot + Philips Hue at the best price on Amazon

We are talking about a height pack so that you can start to domotize your home for much less than you imagine. More than anything because now you can buy this smart speaker together with two Philips WiFi bulbs at a very interesting discount. And seeing the possibilities offered by this set, your purchase will be a sure hit.

Perfect for creating a smart home for very little money

Amazon Echo Dot As for the Amazon Echo Dot, to say that we are facing a smart speaker that bets on Alexa as an operating system, how could it be otherwise in a product of the company founded by Jeff Bezos. For this it hides a series of microphones inside that will pick up your voice commands so they can perform all kinds of tasks for you.

Maybe you want to know if there is a lot of traffic on the way home, the weather in your city or simply that the voice assistant reminds you of that appointment with the doctor that you have pending. Know that with this model you can enjoy a user experience. And now, if you add any of these accessories for the Amazon Echo Dot, your purchase is a total success.

And to this we must add more than enough sound power to enjoy a good acoustic landscape. It is not the most powerful speaker on the market, but it will serve you perfectly to listen to music in your room or in the kitchen. And the combination with Two Philips Hue White bulbs that come as a gift is perfect.

Take advantage of smart bulbs

Amazon Echo Dot

As we said, this is a height pack that includes two Philips Hue bulbs. We are talking about an intelligent model, so you can control the intensity of the color according to your needs and with a simple voice command. It is true that this model is not RGB so you will not be able to change the color temperature, it will help you turn this gadget on and off depending on your needs. And to start in this world, it will be more than enough.

The best of all? That you will also be able to enjoy free shipping costs. The only requirement is to be part of Amazon Prime, and taking into account that if you are not a customer you can enjoy a totally free trial, and without permanence, through this link, you have a unique opportunity.

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