Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation with Alexa at a scandal price

The truth is that it is a model that usually goes on sale from time to time on Amazon, so now is the best time to buy one if you do not want to have to wait for the online shopping giant to make another one. offer on this same model.

Amazon Echo Dot 4th generation on sale

The fourth generation Amazon Echo Dot is a product whose official recommended price is 59.99 euros, however, now we can find it with a very attractive discount. Specifically, the online shopping giant has applied a 25% discount about this model to reduce its price up to 44.99 euros.

Amazon echo dot 4 speaker white

How could it be otherwise, it is a product sold and shipped by Amazon that offers an almost immediate delivery time, from one day to the next. Therefore, if we place the order now, in hardly 24 hours We will have it at home to start enjoying the speaker and the assistant. The model is on offer in three colors so that we can choose the one that we like the most or the one that best goes with the decoration of our house, anthracite gray, gray blue and white.

Modern, compact design with built-in Alexa

Needless to mention its attractive and careful design, as it is obvious, but it never hurts to remember that this Amazon Echo Dot 4th generation is a smart speaker with Alexa that allows us to request all kinds of help from the assistant through our own voice . It is possible to ask Alexa to play our favorite music, tell us what the weather is going to do today, notify us of the reminders on our calendar or even control other devices compatible with the assistant through the speaker.

Amazon echo dot 4 Alexa speaker

Another feature to highlight is that with the Amazon Echo Dot 4th generation it is possible make calls to our family and friends without using our hands. In addition, it has physical buttons at the top that allow us to adjust the volume or disconnect the microphone to prevent Alexa from listening to us. Something important for all those who place great importance on their Privacy.

As a loudspeaker, it must be said that through this elegant and compact design it is capable of emitting a high quality sound with very clear and crisp voices and balanced bass.

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