Amazon Echo Dot 4th generation speaker with Alexa for 29.90 euros

Among all the models and generations of the Amazon Echo family, the 4th generation Echo Dot is one of the best sellers since its launch. And it is that it has an elegant and compact design that allows us to place it anywhere in our house regardless of our style or decoration.

Incredible deal for the Amazon Echo Dot 4th generation

This smart speaker with Amazon Alexa has an official price of 59.90 euros and as we said before, it is one of the most popular and best valued. Well, now it is possible to get one right at half the price. Yes, yes, you heard right, at half the price. From the following link you can buy it for only 29.90 euros.

smart speaker Amazon Echo Dot 4th generation

An irresistible price and free shipping for Amazon Prime users. Of course, if you are thinking of buying it as a Christmas gift, it is possible that the delivery time will be after December 25. Therefore, it is advisable to review and check the delivery date before making the purchase. However, at this price it is a great opportunity to get one.

Ask Alexa for anything you want

The model on offer is in anthracite, but in any case, the design of this smart speaker stands out for its elegance and size. A device that offers a high quality sound with balanced bass and clear and crisp voices and with which it is possible to listen to streaming music from our favorite services such as Spotify, Apple Music or Amazon Music, interact with Alexa or even control other devices in our home.

Although surely you have already heard of the great possibilities that it can offer us AlexaThe truth is that we can ask for almost everything. Ask him the weather forecast before leaving home, read the news to you while you have breakfast, set alarms, add reminders to your calendar, play your favorite music or tell you the next matches or results of your favorite team and even tell you tell a joke. Alexa will be ready for anything you ask of her at any time.

4th generation Amazon Echo Dot speaker with Alexa

But the truth is that this is not all, since through the 4th generation Amazon Echo Dot it is also possible control other connected devices in our house and that they are compatible or integrated with Alexa. That is, if we have a television or lights compatible with the assistant, we can ask through the Echo Dot itself to turn the lights on or off, certain devices or control the temperature of the heating, for example. Without a doubt, a great opportunity to get an Amazon Echo Dot 4th generation speaker at an unbeatable price. Discover other smart speaker models with integrated Alexa.

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