Amazon Echo Auto speaker ideal for the car with its best offer

This is a smart speaker that allows you to easily bring the aforementioned voice assistant from the company created by Jeff Bezos to practically all the cars that exist today. To achieve this, what is done is to connect the device to the radio that you have in the car and, in this way, you will hear the interaction and the results of the actions directly on the speakers you have installed. To achieve this and that you do not have any problem in what has to do with compatibility, you can establish communication through a cable connection with a port of 3.5 mm or, failing that, using Bluetooth which is much more recommended.

Amazon Echo Auto speaker in black

It is also important to comment that, in order to access the use of Alexa completely, it is necessary to synchronize the Amazon Echo Auto with the corresponding application that you have in the smartphone. Something that is done in a very simple way and what is the door that you will use to access important information, personal data and even to manage applications of multimedia content such as Spotify or Amazon Music. With the latter, you can listen to specific songs while driving to access radios from the artists you like the most.

Very good deal for Amazon Echo Auto

Right now and due to the spring offers that exist in the well-known online store you can take advantage of a discount that reaches 33%, which represents a concrete saving of 20 euros compared to what it usually costs. It is an excellent opportunity for a smart speaker that allows automations to be carried very easily thanks to voice assistants to the car. By the way, it is important to comment that this is a model compatible with the SkillsApplications that will be on the phone and that increase the usefulness of these types of Amazon products. We leave the purchase link that you have to use:

Good speech recognition

This is something that we believe is very important, since you can have doubts about the effectiveness, especially if you go with the windows down. The fact is that inside this product there are eight microphones that work smoothly joint to be able to detect both what you say at any time and the background sound and eliminate it if necessary. The fact is that the precision is quite high, and it is not forgotten neither does it offer adequate privacy, since it is possible to disable these components in case of need.

Amazon Echo Auto on a car dashboard

With small dimensions, of only 85 x 47 x 13.28 mm So it is perfectly placed on the dashboard, it is important to mention that the power is done through the use of a USB cable that can be connected directly to the cigarette lighter. With all that said, and due to the simple use it offers, it is not a bad idea to get hold of this product now that you have a very interesting offer.

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