Amazfit Zepp E smartwatch with irresistible discount and free shipping

Without a doubt, what is most striking about this model is that it offers a design that can at least be classified as elegant. A good example of what we say is that the strap that includes the model that is on sale is leather. To this must be added some minimalist lines that are very well worked in a metallic manufacturing material that undoubtedly makes it striking when worn. Something that we find very remarkable is that the screen has very small frames and, in addition, it also stands out for weighing only 36 grams.

Amazfit Zepp E smartwatch screen

Since we have talked about the screen that is included in this wearable accessory, it must be said that the integrated one consists of a panel AMOLED that offers excellent visualization in all kinds of situations (including outdoors), this is due, among other things, to the fact that it has a powerful brightness that ensures that you will always see the information. The measurements of this component are 1.65 inch, which makes this device one of the most interesting on the market in terms of both dimensions and resolution, since this is 348 x 442 pixels. Without a doubt, this is a differential purchase factor.

A model full of options

The aforementioned that this is a model that can be used in any situation, such as for sports. The reason for saying this is that it has protection against water 5 atmospheres (so not even sweat looks splashing affect it at all). In addition, it also includes a good number of sensors that allow recognizing daily activity without the slightest problem, and an example of what we say is that it has a high-precision six-axis accelerometer and does not lack the heart rate itself. It even allows you to know the level of oxygen you have in your blood or stress.

Side of the Amazfit Zepp E smartwatch

Good offer for this Amazfit smartwatch

Right now you can get this device from home for a price of 149 euros, which is not at all taking into account everything that the device offers and, especially, valuing the design that is spectacular. The version that this promotion is the black one and also has an addition that will surely be interesting to you: there is nothing to pay for shipping costs. Ideal for shopping from home. We leave you the link that you must use to get this accessory that had a proprietary operating system and that does not allow you to install applications (but includes everything that is usual in a smart watch).

Additional detail that you should know is that, thanks to a battery of 188 mAh, the autonomy offered by the Amazfit smartwatch we are talking about reaches one week of regular use without the slightest problem (it should be noted that it includes a saving mode that can reach two o’clock). Therefore, in this section it fulfills perfectly and therefore it is one more addition that makes this model one of those that you should take into account when buying a smart watch … especially now that it is on sale.

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